I honestly love using this book to teach my kids the human body. This book is very intractive and informative. the layout of the book makes it appealing to visual learners its perfect For 5 years old +. This book has engaging activities which made my job easer and that much fun. I found thatContinue reading ““FIRST BODY BOOK” SHORT REVIEW”


After years of searching for products and regular visits to the doctors for my daughters eczema. I came across this product accidently after visting a cultural shop that sells organic and traditional products, so without even thinking for a moment I purchased it and tested small part of her arm for three coincident days. TheContinue reading “PRODUCT REVIEW GLYSOLID for ECZEMA”

5 steps to Double C’s “Confident Children”

How confident are our children? How do we measure confidence? Do we even know the signs to a confident child? I’d like to focus on Boys particularly. We all know that boys are harder to deal with in a woman’s perspective. We show them all the love possible and focus much on their emotional needs,Continue reading “5 steps to Double C’s “Confident Children””


Money, the one thing we chase the most and can’t live without. We are all familiar with the  famous saying “money is not everything” but in truth without it we may face many difficulties. The world is designed to evolve around money and it’s very difficult not to be part of this world and chaseContinue reading “TIC TAC TOE HOW TO SAVE A DIME”

Hi my name is Hiba Maha and iam here to lay down the reality of parenting, here it goes; firstly there is no such thing as perfect family or perfect child ect.., to be honest we all just go along with it and learn from our mistakes. So STOP!!!giving yourself a hard time and stop comparing yourself to other parents. know that each family operates differently just like how our 10 fingers are not the same ect..so enjoy and laugh at those moments when life turns into a big zoo, because amongst that hectic crazy moments is when you find strength and memories of lifetime.