5 STEPS TO DOUBLE C’S “CONFIDENT CHILDREN” How confident are our children? How do we measure confidence? Do we even know the signs to a confident child? I’d like to focus on Boys particularly. We all know that boys are harder to deal with in a woman’s perspective. We show them all the love possibleContinue reading

REVIEWING TYPES OF NEGLECT – CHILDREN Emotional neglect – This is when a carer fails to meet the emotional/affectional need of a child. Bare this is mind for a while, we will shortly talk about this particular topic in more depth after reviewing and understanding the other types of neglect. Physical neglect – We canContinue reading

“Hasn’t your mum taught you…

We all here this statment to many times As a mother is the last thing you want to hear from people specialy from spouse so the point im making is that the responiblity of teaching ones child belongs to both parents, dont over burden yourselfs mums there are somthings only a mother can teach andContinue reading ““Hasn’t your mum taught you…”


Praise be to Allaah. Islam honours women greatly. It honours women as mothers who must be respected, obeyed and treated with kindness. Pleasing one’s mother is regarded as part of pleasing Allaah. Islam tells us that Paradise lies at the mother’s feet, i.e. that the best way to reach Paradise is through one’s mother. AndContinue reading “THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN IN ISLAM”