I am currently homeschooling all my children, the descion came about after seeing my children not being pushed to their capability and other personal reasons off course. I’m m not going to lie to you at the beginning it was taugh it meant that i had to change my whole schedule and create a new one that best fitted us , don’t get me wrong the kids were having the time of their life and so on. After few days past I created a new lesson plans, and off we went to purchas all the learning equiments we needed and boy was it expensive!.

I hope you liked my little introduction ; now LETS DIVE IN! the aim of this post is to share my experience and thoughts in home education and the positive impact in children. For parents who are thinking of home schooling their little ones i hope this helps; the list are as follows.


We know that kids pick up habits from other children unfortunately these include bad words, negative attitude, bullying and so on. In homei education kids can be who they want to be without peer pressure and we get to help them find social situations where they aren’t introduced to poor attitudes and behaviour issues.


I’m Ever since I took them out of school their confidence has grown drastically in all areas of life they are more excited about learning and more independent, they don’t shy away from other kids and easily adapt in new surroundings specially my youngest daughter.

children want our attention. They associate time with love and want to spend time with us. in school our children are gone from us long period and this type of routine starts when they are 4 years old so could you imagine after child returns home you child only has 20 minutes to talk to you before they start doing their homework or the extra activities. In home education there is no fight with time you and your child can spend the whole day bounding and doing activities. When you home-school your kids get positive attention from you, they get the gift of your time, and so they stop seeking to get your attention in less desirable ways.



When you hear about lesson planning it can be daunting, but trust me is not that difficult is actually quit easy, the first step is that you have to think about is how to make the topics entertaining and personal for each child. You can purchase text books ,story books ,educational games and print out activity sheets to make each day different. I also organize one day of the week were I reward each child for their hard work thus making them enjoy and work harder.

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