Reviewing types of neglect – Children

  1. Emotional neglect – This is when a carer fails to meet the emotional/affectional need of a child. Bare this is mind for a while, we will shortly talk about this particular topic in more depth after reviewing and understanding the other types of neglect.
  2. Physical neglect – We can briefly describe this type of neglect as failure to provide everyday needs of a child. This covers food, clothing, a clean house ,with clean bedding and everyday necessities.
  3. Medical neglect – This is when you do not take your child for regular check ups at the hospital, dentist and eye clinic. When we say regular here we are referring to as and when needed.
  4. Educational neglect – What’s referred to under this heading is the depravation of education. The law does not stop you from home-schooling so long as the child is exposed to education and follows a regular schedule where his needs are fulfilled under this category.

1st Looking at the first type of neglect “emotional” – From amongst the many reasons I chose to home-school is because I felt like my children had been neglected in school emotionally. They where pressured at a very early age to compete with others around them by been categorised in ability (Red, Amber, Green) which became their only focus and thus led to loosing confidence and hope. Additionally some children are very able but because their hand writing may not be presentable hence they might be young age 5-8 years old, then the teachers focus diverts in judgment from their ability to their presentation not allowing them to succeed and step up that ladder up until they sort presentation out, a very unrealistic goal given to please Ofsted and not to develop a child’s confidence instead by allowing them to learn from their mistakes and by allowing them to learn new thing as presentation sorts itself out as the years go by.

2nd – Physical neglect, I would consider school to be pretty good in providing meals with no failure in schools, however after privatizing the schools the food courts become privatised also giving the school the ability to ban pack lunches to make these courts richer. This can be described as neglect from the schools themselves as the options are tightened and the children go hungry hence some are not used to certain types of foods. A lot of the children complain to their parents of feeling hungry as they could not eat the meals provided due to the poor quality of taste and not necessarily nutritional values. Its only fair that those kids whose parents do not neglect them are able to provide their kids with meals that are healthy yet tasteful similar to that they eat at home. Force feeding them something they cant eat is still neglect as it goes to waste and does not fill anyone.

3rd – Medical neglect, This is a very controversial one because the odds are always against you for this one. The schools have a nurse that should decide whether your child is fit enough or not according to them based on the judgement of a nurse paid by the school itself. We all have duties of care to our children, therefore I do not agree with the idea of having to take my child to school the next day for them to decide whether my child is fit enough or not. A good parent will always take prior action and seek advice from someone superior in knowledge that a nurse. i.e. the doctor. When advised to stay home then the school should simply comply with that. Instead we have once again due to pressures from the council letters threatening us with fines if we’ve had a bad year of reoccurring illnesses. We then get blamed for neglecting our child from education. Can you ever win?

4th- Educational neglect, Finally this links very well with all that spoken about hence it all links. There are certain circumstances going towards more extreme situations that I’ve heard of where a child might be going through anxiety and depression that forces him/her to stay home as in such hard times all that child wants is comfort from his family. If the parents don’t give him/her that support then they’re neglecting him/her but in the other hand the school want that child to attend otherwise the caregiver is neglecting him/her of an education. Now, due to been forced to go to school
his/her depression increases which leads to his appetite being affected this can be evident with weight loss. Now the child is neglected physically. There’s no doubt that in these extremist of situations parents tend to home-school to have the flexibility to deal with the situation in the best possible manner.

Can you ever win? Should the council have more in place to help these children? More flexible solutions need to be allowed as supposed to keeping it black or white. Leave you comments it would be interesting to see what you think.


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