Time is Money

There are different ways that money can be categorized in this particular statement. To some money is their earnings, to others is quality time spent with family and for some it might be investing in that which “really” matters.

AS for those who work hard and spend time working to gain from this worldly life, you’ll find that they will lack from the previous two. They will be distant from family and wont invest in that which truly matters. You’ll find that this person grows older in age quicker, levels of stress are higher and generally lacks happiness, all to see his addiction of that balance increasing, it becomes his only pleasure thus his only purpose of life. He will not enjoy his children grow nor will they have learnt from him. He will loose himself in a delusion which will cause his own destruction.

Those who categorise wealth as spending time with family, making family happy at all times, creating a good ambient a good atmosphere where they insure that kids are never feeling sad nor upset is also a bad category. The children become priority in this case, forcing the parents to fulfil all their necessities and more. The parents then become the slaves of these kids, worried about their wellbeing, over mothering them to an extent they loose self efficiency and over spoil them to an extent it forces the parents to follow the first category of needing the worldly life in excess to fulfil their “needs.”

Those who invest in that which “really matters” The hereafter, the one who understands the true reality of life which is death will be successful as they will have the correct balance. We all celebrate a new born but never reflect on our dead. We always hide away from the word, “dead” is not used anymore we much prefer passing away. We hide the truth by not talking about it, we hide the truth by hiding graveyards which are always in remote areas. No matter what life you’ve chosen you will still end up in that same ground so its important to invest in the pleasure of Allah. The rich needs to give to the poor, the one with family needs to be compassionate with the orphan, the one that has health must use it for righteous things. Invest for that which really matters that is death.

Published by milk and bottles

HI and welcome to my blog my name is Hiba Maha, my aim is to share with you my experiences regarding parenting and the difficulty and the ease and i hope to gain some more ideas and helpful tips along the way. i also will share with you successful life hacks.

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