After years of searching for products and regular visits to the doctors for my daughters eczema. I came across this product accidently after visting a cultural shop that sells organic and traditional products, so without even thinking for a moment I purchased it and tested small part of her arm for three coincident days. The result was amazingly shocking.

I made the decision to use it regurally for two weeks on the effected area. The cream straight away soothed and took away the itchiness on the first day of the two weeks trial. I will list all the benefits and change it had on my daughters life.

  • pain free
  • itchy free
  • better sleeping pattern at night
  • clear skin
  • no scars
  • no allergic reaction
  • moist skin no dryness

You can get this product from online like Amazon, E-bay, and any organic shops near your area.

If you decide to purchase this product make sure you read the instructions and the ingrediencies, lastly consult a doctor or pharmacies before using it.

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HI and welcome to my blog my name is Hiba Maha, my aim is to share with you my experiences regarding parenting and the difficulty and the ease and i hope to gain some more ideas and helpful tips along the way. i also will share with you successful life hacks.


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