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I love my kids and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them, but when it comes to finance life can grab us by the horns. Day to day expenses, trips and necessities can make it hard for us to express our love towards them by fulfilling all their needs.

  • Here are some tips that will keep your child preoccupied whilst having fun and learning. Let your children aid you with cooking, the benefits to this are many. Kids learn skills through this that teaches them independency whilst enjoying themselves doing something “different”. Ensure that recipes are constantly changing to keep them engaged and most importantly make sure you involve lots of vegetables, children are most likely to eat something they’ve prepared themselves

  • Expose your children to childhood games. We’ve all enjoyed them without the need of spending in expensive gadgets such as game consoles, phones and Ipads that corrupt and disconnect families. You’ll find through doing this the bond increases amongst your children and yourself for FREE.
  • Encourage connection with nature. A great way of doing this is by allowing them to grow their own crops, to encourage them to playout in the garden under any weather conditions and to play with other children. The benefits of the aforementioned points are as follow; growing crops can be very enjoyable and educational, playing out under any weather conditions so long they’re clothed for that is also educational and can help with health and developing a stronger immune system and finally playing with other children develop social skills and confidence.
  • Find ways in education fun. Have days in which everyone in the family puts their gadgets aside. It will only be a matter of time when boredom will appear amongst you forcing your brain to want to challenge itself and engage on something. Make this “something” be useful, creative and imaginative activity. Allow your children to write stories, mental arithmetic challenges and most importantly sharing religious (Islamic) stories.

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HI and welcome to my blog my name is Hiba Maha, my aim is to share with you my experiences regarding parenting and the difficulty and the ease and i hope to gain some more ideas and helpful tips along the way. i also will share with you successful life hacks.

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