SCHOOL starts at HOME

Sufficient research proves that students who are helped at home by their parents or tutors make most progress in school. Therefore I would argue that schools normally provide the guidance on what to teach as opposed to making “the big impact”. I find that if you’re not doing your part at home the likeliness of your child benefitting from that taught in school is actually little. Thus I hold in opinion that there’s no point to those parents with the time and ability to home-school to take their children to school. I’ve made the brave move to home-school my 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son hence I have the time and ability to do so.

I would like to share some of the work my kids are working on. I will happily upload pictures or videos of their maths work once you’ve told me What your thoughts are? Please leave your comments below. It would be interesting to see if you still hold your view after my uploads.

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HI and welcome to my blog my name is Hiba Maha, my aim is to share with you my experiences regarding parenting and the difficulty and the ease and i hope to gain some more ideas and helpful tips along the way. i also will share with you successful life hacks.

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